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Privacy policy

Last updated: December 7, 2020

This privacy policy covers when you use the iOS application, Weather on the Way and it’s associated marketing website, as well as Weather Radar Widget app.

Collection of information

We collect only what we need and do not store any personal information. Here’s what that means:

Personal information

Using our product does not require signing up for use. If you sign up for our mailing list or TestFlight programme, your email address will be stored. The address will be deleted the moment you unsubscribe from the email list or TestFlight programme.

Billing information

Since app subscriptions are managed by the Apple’s App Store systems, we do not ask you and store your billing information. Please refer to Apple’s Privacy Policy on billing information.

Purchase History

We collect data about the subscriptions you have purchased in the apps in order provide you with purchased PRO functionality and analise the sales trends. This information is not linked to your identity and is not used for tracking purposes.

Geolocation data

The apps provides optional functionality using your location. This location data is only processed on your physical device and not send or stored on our server. We do use Apple’s geolocation and weather tools that may send your location outside of your device, so please refer to Apple’s Privacy Policy

Website interactions

The only analytical information we track from your visit to our marketing websites are:

  • The site you are visiting
  • The duration of the visit
  • Your country 
  • The page you came from
  • The browser (but not it’s version)
  • The device type (but not it’s OS version)
  • Some of the interactions such as pressing a button.

These web analytics data are NOT tied to your IP address. We do not track any personally identifiable information. 


We do NOT use persistent cookies on our marketing websites.

Voluntary correspondence

When you write to us, we store your message and other voluntary provided data to improve the app and help you solve problems in question.

Use of Information

Our default rule is to not access your information. The only times we’ll ever access your information is to provide features inside the app, for example when entering an address in search. Such information do not leave your physical device and is not stored on the device beyond immediate use. 

Third party services

For the apps to work we use some tools provided by Apple, such as Apple Maps and Dark Sky API. These tools have their own privacy policies, so please refer to refer to Apple’s Privacy Policy on Location-Based Services

For any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at

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