What's the Weather on the Way?

Wherever you are going, know the weather on your way there!

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  • Never again be stressed on a drive
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Let's talk about the weather

We check the forecast every day, be it on our favorite app, using the web or even on TV. We want to know every detail, temperature, precipitation, sunset time, and more, as they have a direct impact on our lives. Just in the US, there are over 1 million car accidents caused by bad weather every year! But there is one situation that we never check the weather for and yet it has huge implications on our lives.

There is no way to check the weather for a long, intercity drive!

Sure, we can see what are the conditions at the starting and ending points but everyone who drove through the Rocky Mountains will tell you that this says nothing about what you will have to endure. We would need a way to know the weather at any point in the route, at the precise time that we will be driving through that point.

That's exactly why we are developing Weather on the Way. By combining weather forecasting with a navigation software used every day for traffic directions, you will get a detailed weather breakdown of what conditions to expect on your trip. Hopefully, this way we can make taking long road trips safer, less stressful and more fun.

– Piotr Knapczyk

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