What's the
Weather on the Way?

  • Never again be stressed on a drive
  • Say NO to weather delays
  • Know EVERYTHING about weather conditions at any point of your trip
  • Be smarter than 99% of drivers around you!

"Literally saving my trip! [...] The app showed warnings where smoke and air quality were dangerous and I was able to pick a new route. So grateful!!"

– Rayellen

"Why can’t google maps be like this. Finally, someone does it and they do it RIGHT. [...] Genius.

– Happy (4/5) user!

"Awesome! This app is ESSENTIAL for any road trips lasting more than an hour."

– talon09

"It’s always frustrating that my other major map programs don’t show time zone changes or weather. Score on both counts! Nice."

– Ohiocoalman

Forecast That Follows Your Trip

Weather and navigation combined to provide a route forecast precisely at the time you will be driving through. Know the weather on your route!

Full of details

Every step of the way

Temperature, conditions, visibility, precipitation, wind speed, UV Index and more

Pick a route, avoid a storm

No more unexpected delays

Check alternative routes to make sure you have picked one with the best weather

Be aware of severe conditions

Stay safe on the road

Weather alerts and advisories along your path.

Plan in advance

Up to 3 days before departure

Prepare for your trip by finding the best time of departure

And more:


Avoid blinding sun – Sunset and sunrise times


Know the weather at the destination – Should you take a raincoat or a swimsuit?


Easy to read forecast – Put your phone in a car mount


Dark Mode – Comfortable during long nightly drives


Privacy focused – No creepy tracking, no ads, no analytics. Does not store your location


Free PRO on first 5 trips

$0.99 monthly / $9.99 yearly after that.

Compare PRO features


Global – Works in 70+ countries


Built by an independent developer

More to come!

Includes free Pro

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