Weather Radar Widget Brings Storm Movement to iOS 14 Home Screen

December 14, 2020

You can now clearly see if the rain or snow is coming your way, right on your Home Screen. 

With the new iOS 14 widgets, the app content can be accessed just at a glance. Many developers are already making use of the functionality and add creative widgets to their apps. Unfortunately, the new system has some limitations, for example, it’s not possible to display moving content, such as an animated weather radar. This leaves users guessing if the storm they see on the map is moving toward them or away. 

To solve this issue, a new feature in Weather Radar Widget applies machine learning on a series of radar images to estimate the motion of precipitation areas. This movement is then visualised on the widget as arrows showing the way, giving users clear idea of the direction that the bad weather is coming from. 

The radar image is updated every 10 minutes and covers North America, Europe, parts of South America, Asia and Pacific. “Weather Radar Widget” is available for free on iPhones and iPads running iOS 14

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