Weather on the Way 1.1 Brings Weather Radar, Waypoints with Stops and Longer Forecast Durations

March 1, 2021

Weather on the Way 1.1 is here! The first major update since the release brings the most requested features to the app, making it more capable than before.

Live Weather Radar

New doppler radar displays current snow and rain almost everywhere on Earth. Easily plan your trips based on current conditions and thanks to the calculated movement direction, you can make sure that the storm will never catch up with you. Pick the best route that can help you avoid the bad weather. The radar is updated automatically every 10 minutes so it's always up to date. You can enable it with one button press on the main screen and hide it any time so it doesn't interfere with your route planning

Unlimited Waypoints and Stop Times

One of the most frequent requests from users was the ability to put in multiple points with stops along the route. 1.1 brings this feature live with unlimited waypoints and up to 24h stops on each waypoint. You can now plan your road trip in detail and pick alternative routes for every stop on the journey. Additionally, on the timeline view, you get a clear forecast for your time of departure on every stop.

Extended Departure Time

You can now plan your trips up to 7 days in advance! Thanks to the extended forecast you can set your departure time up to a week in advance, allowing for more flexibility in planning. No more waiting until the last moment to check the weather.

Weather on the Way is available for free on the AppStore. Additional PRO features are avaliable for $2.99 monthly and $16.99 yearly and $39.99 lifetime.

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Weather on the Way is a new kind travel weather app. By combining navigation and weather, it can calculate a route to your destination and show a forecast for points along this route, precisely at the time you will be driving through.

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