4 Amazing Virtual Road Trips You Can Take From Home

March 17, 2020

It's not the best time to go on a road trip, with both domestic and international flights halted you may be worried that going on a road trip will be off the table for some time. Fortunately, thanks to folks with HD dash cams there are plenty of great time-lapses from all other the world that we can enjoy and forget for a moment about whats going on around us. That's why we have compiled the best virtual road trips on youtube.

Famous Route 66

What can be more iconic than the famous Road 66? Often called the Main Street of America or The Mother Road, it was one of the first US highways. It served as main corridor for migration west, especially in 1930s, now is forever ingrained in US popular culture. Thanks to Ry Land on Youtube, we can now enjoy 5 hours of a drive from Chicago to LA from our own home.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia

On the another side of the world, Great Ocean Road in Australia, spanning south-eastern coast of Australia, is famous for its views and the The Twelve Apostles limestone stacks that make for great photos. The video lets us enjoy the drive, taking us from Melbourne to Adelaide along a sunny roads of South Australia.

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

To continue on a theme of ocean roads and left side driving, this time Ireland and it's Wild Atlantic Way. Thanks to the magnificent work of  Jaron Heidekamp who has a great channel with multiple sections of the road filmed in HD. I have chosen one with views of the sea and mountains of Dingle Peninsula. It's an amazing place that I would love to visit it again, and this video with 7 views is criminally underrated:

From Grand Canyon to Denver

To close up back in US, a trip Grand Canyon National Park up to Denver, Colorado. With great views and a smooth ride, this one hour long video showcases the best the west can offer.

That's all for now, we hope you stay safe and enjoy your virtual road trips. If you have some other virtual road trips to share, let us know at: homeworld.software@gmail.com

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